Venus Plus

Venus Plus

VENUS PLUS is an excellent machine coin sorter adapted to count and sort up to 15/20.000 coins per day.
The machine has an operating speed of 700 coins per minute in the 8 selected and divided into compartments dedicated handcart or drawers that can be chosen by the user.

VENUS PLUS allows the packaging of coins in a single step during the count, it can be programmed arrests sack for each name.

VENUS PLUS can be connected to a printer or PC via RS232 serial and can be installed on a trolley or simply placed on an existing table.

VENUS PLUS is easy to use and does not require constant maintenance, it can be done once a week with a blown compressor to keep the car in perfect order.

  • Possibility to sort up to 8 different denominations (diameter from 14 to 32 mm
  • Synchronism to stop the machine when it is empty
  • Connection to any printer or PC
  • Possibility to enter operator's code, account number, date, time, banknote value, etc.
  • 8 boxes with a capacity of 300 coins/each or bags holders
  • Graphic display

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions:
  •   640x250x400 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight:
  •   Kg 23
  • Power consumption :
  •   40 W
  • Noise :
  •   60 db
  • Voltage :
  •   100-130/200-240 v - 60/50 Hz