Moon 2.0

Moon 2.0

This machine was conceived to sort and count up to 8 different denominations. Thanks to its small size, its
strongly and reliability, it is the more suitable machine for banks, supermarkets, vending companies, casino's,

It counts and sorts simultaneously all current denominations with a tolerance of 1/10 of mm. It has a coin
detection system unique of its kind, composed by 3sensors able to recognize the diameter, thickness and alloy
of the coins. It also rejects ali irregular coins.

It is equipped by an innovating software with "HELP" fundion to facilitate its use.
Il allows the management of: partial totals, main totals, batching, changes display, etc.
Ergonomic keyboard.

1st Serial interface RS232 - standard
2nd Serial interface RS232 - option

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions:
  •   H 500 mm - W 750 mm - D 330 mm
  • Weight:
  •   kg 50
  • Power supply:
  •   110/220 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Counting speed:
  •   up to 2000 pcs/min.
  • Hopper capacity:
  •   2500/3000 coins (medium diameter mm.25)
  • Power consumption :
  •   150 W
  • Noise :
  •   65 db