Seleconta Mix

Seleconta Mix

Money counter with valorization to count and select so fast and precise. The machine is equipped with a sensor that reads and verifies the coins treated enhancing them or discarding if suspected of falsehood, foreign or out of circulation.

Can be equipped with a second display facing the customer for the display of the amount counted.

Simultaneously enhances all cuts of  €uro and also any room fees, divide the individual names and / or vs.gettoni.

Available with outputs handcart universal Magnum or drawers that contain up to 1000 coins. ability to link to thermal printer or PC

  • 2 drawers magnum (1000 coins)
  • thermal printer with cable
  • additional display SELEX

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions:
  •   cm.38 x 30 x 38 (W. x D. x H.)
  • Weight:
  •   kg.20
  • Power supply:
  •   220 V
  • Counting speed:
  •   1.200 coins p.m.